Sonos - I Want You Back

I find myself strangely drawn into this acapella version of The Jackson 5's "I want you back" by local group SONOS

Sonos "I Want You Back (Jackson 5) from Sonosings on Vimeo.

Sonos is a young all-vocal group formed from the best of Southern California's thriving college a cappella community. The collective -- comprised of Jessica Freedman, Katharine Anne Hoye, Rachel Bearer, Ben McLain, Paul Peglar and Christopher Given Harrison -- reinvent a 21st century songbook with bold reinterpretations of indie artists - Rufus Wainwright, Fleet Foxes, the bird and the bee, Imogen Heap, Lewis Taylor, Magnet, Bjork -- and their sound is captivating press, radio and film in the US.

SONOS plays a free show this Saturday at the Silver Lake location of HOME (a pretty good restaurant/bar)

10:00 PM at Home
2500 Riverside Dr, Silverlake, California 90039


  1. I heard Sonos sing this on NBC's The Sing Off a few weeks ago. Ultimately, this lead to their departure on the show. It's a shame, really, because this version is quite haunting. Sacred cows make the best hamburgers.


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