2 signs that you're in a serious relationship.

1) We went 50/50 on a joint Costco membership.
2) We have no real reason/need to shop at Costco but it's hard to control yourself when you do get in and we ended up 50/50 on a new camera and 4 lbs of frozen edamame. Saturday was spent testing the camera:

Going backwards, caught the tail end of the sunset at the Griffith Observatory
observatory panoramic west

Looking towards Downtown Los Angeles



On our walk to an early dinner at Fred 62



Sneaking a picture at the restaurant  
water rings

Walking up Vermont back to our apartment


  1. That's a sweet camera! Nice shots.

    I've never had a joint Costco membership which directly correlates to my inability to commit long term. :-)

  2. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Good call on the Costco: "you know you're in a relationship when..."
    I only go to Costco when I'm in a relationship...which means I haven't been in quite a while. haha
    Cute pics!

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Another sign you are in a serious relationship: When you put your significant other on your car insurance.

    I did that recently and realized that is probably the most commitment I have ever made to a boyfriend.

  4. Wow Robert, the pics are beautiful! =)
    Al & I need to come down and see you and the kids and have you take pics of Allie and her cousins!


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