not looking good

cracked screen

So I've been dealing with crack screen for a few weeks, watching it slowly spread from the bottom right corner to what you see now. Without my hand pinching the screen all one would see is white snow.

It's not really all that fun to use a computer like this so I just haven't as my lack of blog posts this month shows. Oh well I hope there will be some great Black Friday sales this weekend. You'll probably find me around 5 AM at the Frys Electronics in Concord (yup I'll be up in the Bay Area for 2.5 days) fighting the crowds.

For now I'm going to continue this experiment of living IRL a bit longer.
maybe I'll win the lottery too.


  1. i tried twice already to leave you a comment and couldn't. it's like your broken screen is mocking me.

  2. hmm that's weird. I'd just changed my comment posting settings last week, so maybe blogger became confused.

    I thank you for trying three times to comment.

  3. did you get something new yet?


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