I managed to crawl out of bed this morning with only three hours of sleep. Went and saw The Randies, Bang Sugar Bang, and The Dollyrots at Zen Sushi (Silverlake, CA) last night.

Third time at Zen, and I haven't seen it this packed before. I imagine the air play the randies have been getting on KROQ lately had something to do with it. The DJ stryker (from KROQ) was suppose to be there and I think I saw him all prettied up, but could be wrong. Over the last couple months, I've met a couple members of the randies and can safely say they deserve all the success thrown at them. I'm happy to report that the crowd was 60/40 on the guy-girl ratio. Better than previous randie shows.

Also Bang Sugar Bang...why aren't they signed yet. Seriously.

The Dollyrots....full of spunk, and yes, Kelly really does have a high voice.


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