Still tired. Came home last night @ 6 and crashed on the couch. Getting up long enough for a little bit of American Idol before rolling into bed.

I hate being so tired all the time. Work once was only two miles away, but now I commute at least a hour each way. A hour and a half drive is normal coming home. And it sounds a little like this: 110 to the 105 to the 605 to the 60 or 110 to the 91 to 57 to the 60. I've managed to find multiple city routes so it usually works out 50/50 freeway/streets.

Wanted to see Midway at Café-Club Fais Do-Do, but I was tired and it was for a Howard Dean fundraiser, so there was no real point in going. He still might have a chance, but Kerry's hair is plowing through the polls.

I look foward to this weekend when J+K come over. I'm so glad I'm not helping CB move into her new apartment.....I would help if I could of course, but I just spent last weekend painting the new place orange. Yes orange.. well actually Marmalade, and I have to say it looks really cool. I'll post a pic when the furniture is all moved in. I think I did enough work for a place I don't even live in.


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