Don't watch Woo the movie if it comes on tv.

Ok had a good and busy weekend compared to the ones where I sit curled up in the fetal position crying. Ok for the record I haven't done that yet in my life. So I get home from work, P shows up with a six pack of Sam Adams Light and we start drinking whilst we wait for CO and G to show up. Being LA on a friday night, their 40 mile drive took them close to two hours to complete. The freeways were all messed up, esp. the drive out to Vegas while a 2 car/ 2 semi crash that f**ked the whole freeway system up.

So a few beers later they make it, and we decide the bar at Claim Jumper would be right for food and drinks. Yum to nachos, combo appetizers, and a couple picthers of hefenwiezen and finished by 10.30. Next comes a short drive to Fullerton, we walk into The Continental Room, and then walk out. Too many lame to the Stadium Tavern for a couple more picthers and my first Irish Car Bomb. As we leave, this girl grabs hold of me and asks which direction we we were heading. Apparently to drunk to make it on her own, we walk her over to the next bar and dump her as fast as we could. She keep telling us to stop being "so ghetto" to any answer we gave to her stupid questions. Stupid drunk college girls can be amusing.

Alright Saturday was spent sleeping on the couch for me. Went to visit C that night and then drove to Culver City to meet up with CO and G with a drive to Westwood. Ended up eating at In n Out and making fun of the high schoolers dressing like hookers. Stupid high school girls dressed like skanks trying to hang with college boys can also be amusing.

Sunday morning/ day was spent at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. That was fun. Saw a lot of great stuff and crap to buy. Also saw Justin Long who plays Warren Parker Cheswick from the TV show "Ed." I think he makes somewhat famous person #3 that I have recognized in the last five years. Ed was amusing the first two seasons.

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