Oh my fever went away, so Thursday was about getting my once every two months haircut, shopping at Target, and cleaning my house.

Sonia posted a blog about a blog written by an ex of hers. She starts off with this remark _ 'Yeah, so, I got this e-mail from an ex-boyfriend the other day. I'm one of those weirdo girls who is friends with a lot of her exes. One of my old boyfriends lives next door and is married to my best friend.' _ . This is funny for two reasons: First no-one understands how I (like Sonia) can have ex's as friends. Secondly, her neighbor is also my ex-wife's ex-boyfriend, and his wife is my ex-girlfriend.

My old Festival days, a book and a mini-series could be made with the drama that happened there. Very much Melrose Place episodes, but this group of friends has remain on good terms over the last ten years.


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