Echo Park Log #63

[A few days after Thanksgiving or Yes, I'm a little behind in posting things]

Finally pull onto my street Monday evening from my Bay Area trip and noticed the sprayed tags were different this time. White spray paint on the sidewalks, walls and more prominently the 10x 10 tag on the black pavement. RIP 11-21-07 and the nickname of a young man shot on the other side of the lake roughly a hour into my drive up North. More backstory from a blogger up the street from me.

24 years of life gone like that. Now my brother (a cop up in the Bay Area) would say let them kill themselves off but it's a lot more fierce up there with kids stopping in a intersection pulling ak47s out and running towards another car shooting. Sad to summarize it as just one part of a back and forth turf battle which is what it boils down to; A person, someone's son, a neighbor down the street. That's how I see it.

Might be why my brother teasingly calls me a stupid liberal.


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