Shower Thoughts, Episode 1

Shower thoughts by robert dean, lorange blogShower Thoughts is a collection of random memories that come to visit between the turn of faucets and the pull of the curtain.

I didn't know my dad very well.

Sure he was there to raise me to what he thought were good morals (they were) and to show us kids as much of the world as possible. Now that world meant road trips across the state or side trips through the districts of San Francisco always with a bit of history thrown in.

So yeah I knew my dad being full of random information on why Army street was called Army street or the secret location of the other curviest street in world but when it came to his childhood in New York or the time before he meet my mom, details were vague at best.

One day I picked up the phone and a ten year girl voice responded to my fourteen year squeak.

"Hi, may I speak to my grand father, Robert XxXxxxx?"

My dad went by Bob, I by Bobby but we both were the name she asked for. I was on close terms with my siblings and probably would've noticed a Sibling X floating around my universe.

"I think you have the wrong number"

The girl snapped back with an East Coast gruff.
"Um no, this isn't the wrong number."

"Are you sure you dialed the right number?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Tell him it's his granddaughter in New York"

"Um hold on."

I turned to mom who had just walked into the kitchen, "Mom... there's some girl who says that Dad is her grandfather." Mom seemed a little confused as I continued, "I think she has the wrong number or something. She said that she was his granddaughter calling from New York"

My mom's face turned downward with her voice. "Go get your dad."

"Why? Dad doesn't have a granddaughter..."

"Go get your dad."

And this was my first clue that Dad was holding back on us.


  1. Woah. Yeah, that sounds pretty complicated.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Love this.


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