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I often complain that I'm not a well traveled person, somehow feeling less worldly than my (possible more financially secure) friends. Even if the years with T were all taken away, would I have actually gone anywhere? I'm not my sister how packed up for NYC without a job two months after 9/11 (this fear seems silly now), nor am I MFR who moved to Sweden for school, traveled on bamboo rafts in Thailand, or talks about the cute little lizards in her apartment on St.Kitts.

T. (The Ex) didn't like to go places and her reluctance really affected me. I gave up on my child based dreams of traveling through Europe or even cool places in this country. Divorce can be a good thing and in this aspect it has: she has her house in Southern Orange County with three cars, the mall, isolated in the same, utterly boring shit in every direction. I have dumpy place in EP with a view of the city and lake, amazing friends and relationships that influence my curiosity in the world.

In booking a flight today I realized that I have traveled a bit and it's possible I might even be in Italy for Christmas/New Years. Completely unimaginable one year ago.

So this is my short (imo) list of places I've been:

At age 6, spent summer in Guatemala. This trip also included my only visit to Mexico but nothing outside of the airport though.

Age 7: Cross country road trip to New York City split between grandma’s place on the LES and the suburban streets of Virginia with the Aunt and her lobbyist husband. Needless to say that guy had some money and access: We had a private tour of the capitol and even were allowed to sit in the chair of the supreme court justice.

Then pretty much nothing save for drives to Reno, occasionally Vegas and Disneyland.

Age 19: Four hour drives to San Luis Obispo every other weekend. For a girl of course.
Age 20: Road trip to Vancouver to see a the first year SJ Sharks play get reamed by the Canucks. For the lower drinking age and hockey.
Age 23: drove up the 101 to Seattle for the most boring honeymoon ever. really.

Then pretty much nothing until two years ago: two trips to Newport, Rhode Island with some time spent in Boston and my one Michigan trip to finish off last year.

Next month: Flight up to SF and a week later back in Michigan. After that maybe NJ next month or New Orleans in June for work. A possible reverse road trip back to Los Angeles, another trip to Boston, and maybe, just maybe Italy in xmas.

It's a start.


  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    damn yo, Italy's one hell of a start though!

    (i need to call you too)


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