post. i win.

To: robert
Subject: So..
I have called you back every single time... tag, you are it.

To: robert
Subject: Seriously?
I mean, seriously?!

Robert> Subject: Re: Seriously
Omg. I've been sick and working crazy hours.

I say the following with a smile indicating I'm being a brat:

I get emails if I don't call ever
I get emails when I do, but you don't answer
-being on vacation is not a good enough excuse XXX !


XXX> the email was me being bratty. you should be able to get my sarcasm via email and know my facial expression too. what kind of friend are you anyway?

Robert> Chicks are inherently confusing to read...especially in emails.
stop being such a chick

XXX> stop being such a dick

Robert> can I post this conversation on my blog?


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