These are notes from last year found while cleaning out my back up drive. Going up to the Bay Area for a wedding, posted more for my amusement than anything else - so much has changed...

drive up listening to a mix cd
ida maria sounds like bjork (not really)
Corey trying to catch flies in a paper bag
they were picked up at junction 41, my half way point
found the karabal nightlife album gets better after track three
this sounds like they were hanging out with the happy hollows
I like this

and I only thought of Txxx once. the last wedding was months after the last separation
and I asked her to go
out of courtesy
though not Cxxxx
my brother had dinner and his house is the bachelor pad any guy would want.
leather couches, big screen, a glowing faucet
bartending lessons, cooking lessons
paid off in a great dinner and spot on mixed drinks
then Monica’s for bit
got a haircut
went to Kohls for undershirts i needed
mom time
country club wedding and read on Sonia lj that a old friend was waiting in the iphone line
hey how are you?
I heard you had the jesus phone I whisper
rolls eyes
yes you can look at it

Played with it for three times an hour or less
loved the browser.

the only cute girl that I talked to was because of that phone.
weirded out by old faves, my old boss
who looked, the best way to say it, bitter.
is that going to me in 15 years?
talked kids seems like everyone gained some in the years.
people seemed happy save my old boss - his wife read a paperback most of the time.
lovely shot glass table gifts.
white wine
jack and cokes
champagne, a beer
then we went to a walnut creek bar
collar shit required though it was off the main drag
behind a Chinese restaurant
and underneath it next to an auto body shop.
divey with a dress code.

too tired to care and or order another drink

Sunday drive home suck


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