bad news

So if you haven't heard...the Star Trek Experience ride located at the Las Vegas Hilton is rumored to be closing this year.

Oh the memories of over priced bad acting and an outdated simulator ride. I had a lot of fun doing it of course, but then again I'm bit of ST nerd.

Yeah that's right.

For your amusement - a well done ST TNG rap (NSFW without headphones)

Oh and I found out yesterday that the LA office is being closed this week, meaning I'm job searching again...didn't this just happen to me last year? Yes. Yes it did. Yay go me.

Hands down this was the best job/office I've ever worked at and as I can't go into details all I can say is that thankfully the Co-owner is handling the situation with grace and compassion. Oh well, that's business for you.

Puts a damper on on the other good things going on that I promised, yet failed to write about. They're still happening just with slight modifications. more later.


  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    boo fucking hoo. do you still have unemployment money left since you lived off it for so long? food stamps are an option.

  2. Aw, damn! I'm sorry to hear it. :(

  3. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Sorry for the bad break. I hope your next job is as much better than this one as this one was better than the last.


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