I actually have shows to go to this week

Though I have a sore throat (is it allergies, a cold or is it memorex?) I have a 3 day spurt of fun shows to attend. You can choose your adventure:

This Tuesday at Canters/Kibitz Room: If you haven't experience an Automatic Music Explosion show, stop by Canters as they wind down their 2 month residency (a rare thing in LA). Highly suggest getting there early for Audra Mae (amazing voice) with Also P-Cow closing the night out. FREE, 21+

This Wednesday at El Cid:
Rob Z's Acoustic in the Garden of Gnome and Evil

Always fun and always free - Rob's little shindigs brings out great local talent for a night of music, fun and drinks all wrapped within the shell of El Cid.

This Thursday at the Viper Room: The Dollyrots, Calamity Magnet, and one of my favorites Looker from NYC


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