Walking with Dinosaurs

In a land far, far away called the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles....

Man walked among inflatable palm trees and animatronic dinosaurs!!!


Thanks to Tina  (who I totally remember from high school by the way) for offering Thursday night tickets up on the Mediabristo/fishbowl LA site.


So how was it?

Ashley and I had a great (Cheesy) time!

Not surprisingly, it was as enjoyable and cheesy as one might think.  Sure it's all based on a BBC science show. But inflatable plants?  A baby t-rex hamming it up for the crowd? An over-sized cave lined with impossibly large teeth?


No, what was surprising was the scene located in the Nokia plaza next door. A massive hotel convention party with three bands on top of Wolfgang Puck catered tables.

I turned to my friend and asked "Was that crowd especially white or was that just my imagination?

"Oh no, I noticed that too!"

Our normal Los Angeles (diverse) crowd went from walking with dinosaurs to walking with Midwesterners.

A far more jarring reality in this city where a T-rex could fit right in along Hollywood Blvd.


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