October Joys

Hey you're back in town.

So I've might have mentioned that October is the best month ever. This year has shaped out alright in my book. A list in no particular order:

1) My new job rocks. With each paycheck I receive a $20 gas card. Twice a week: free lunch.

2) Jessica Dobson (with Beck) on David Letterman!! 

3) Ok this is about work again. Since I now interact with the purchasing department I often deal with vendor sale reps that come into work. Today I finally meet the one who part times in the world of porn (really). Mid to late 30s, 6 foot something with a grip of giant hands that frankly intimidated me. Everything screamed giant penis. As he stood up from the chair I swear that I and everything on the desk would be force pushed like droids blocking the path of Obi Wan.

He'd be perfect for the porn version of The Office (there has to be one by now).

4) The Happy Hollows are releasing the great EP Imaginary today. Someone wrote that it was experimental rock, but I recognized how this band affects me. These are the same warm fuzzies that I got listening to the Pixies for the first time. Also they are an amusing bunch:

5) Also it's my birthday today.

huh? pirate



    Thanks for the porn guy visual. ;-)


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