September Luck

From the edge of Beverlywood & Crestview

So I started a new job a few weeks ago.

Again I find myself in the same industry (vitamins) with a very well known brand sold in a chain that rhymes with scmole schmoods. Again I have to remind myself that after 10+ years in this industry, I'm actually quite qualified to do this job.

In the interview I was asked if my weaknesses (not having the educational background they were looking for) could be a problem.

"No." I replied, "In fact, I've never been properly qualified in any of my previous positions."

This got their attention.

"I was hired into a marketing job (in this industry) without having a marketing degree. Before this I worked up from customer service to product manager of the same vitamin line. I know where I stand on paper and have always had to work twice as hard as the next guy; I have no choice but to do so." 

It wasn't meant in cockiness or as a defensive reaction to the question, just a realization that it wasn't dumb luck that got me here.

Yet I am lucky in some regards:

B. was helpful with advice and and understanding while I job searched, a position opened up in at a cool growing company in a niche industry, I found a cool Chinese place with decent spring rolls down the street...

Now if I could only get this lucky in Vegas.

(picture taken from rooftop of my new job)


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