Feb 1994

During some random conversation today I asked B what her favorite bands were when she was in middle school since she's a tad younger than me.

"I remember listening to Green Day and..."

I started laughing.

"What?" she asked, probably unsure if I was amused by at her almost teenage musical tastes.

"It's funny that both of us were into Green Day at the same time - except I was going to their shows"
She added, "And I was doing my sixth grade homework."

Not often does a moment frame our age difference so perfectly. 


Feb 1994 @ Slim's in San Francisco / Green Day album release show for Dookie and my big fat head bottom left.

Though I was very aware of Green Day in the local Berkeley scene, my first show was not until the evening before the album Dookie (their first major label release) came out . By the end of the night I was up against the stage watching the band and near the film crew capturing the set.  All these years I never knew what was done with that footage so after a little googling I found information off greendayvideos.com pointing me to the UK only Welcome to Paradise video off iTunes.

At $1.99 I had to buy it just to make sure that young kid in the 30 second preview was me.

So weird.


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