Recently we went down to Pure Luck (website, yelp) for dinner, one of the non-thai vegan places that we're lucky to live nearby.  (Come to think of it, there actually might be 6+ thai-vegan places within 3 miles of our apartment and only 2 all vegan joints)

We like the place for the beers, the Garbanzo Salad Sandwich for B, and I prefer the Baja Taco over the Jackfruit “carnitas” that everyone seems to rave about. This is not a Real Food Daily type of a place; more a place to grab a craft beer with friends and eat some tasty food which leans more towards Mexi-vegan in style.

It also doesn't hurt that Pure Luck is directly across the street from Scoops for our ice cream fix (love the soy-based ice cream for me since I'm anti-dairy)*

Anyhow, all I really wanted to do was post pics of the new murals behind Pure Luck from cache and friends.

P1000289 P1000288

Chickens!  Different chicken murals are all over Echo Park and there is a larger one out front of the neighboring Orange20 bike shop.


* Ssssh the reg, soy, and coconut milk ice creams at Maggie Mudd (site, yelp) in SF are a million times better!

top photo by mr. rollers used under creative commons


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