New label Square Tire Music launches this Saturday 5.16.09

If you went to Mr T's Bowl back in the early 2000's, you probably saw Mike TV at the Launchpad (west) shows that he used to book there. Maybe it was to watch touring groups or local acts like Arlo or even his own Get Set Go (TSR Records, also on the Grey's Anatomy CDs back when that meant something good) play the stage placed in front of the old bowling lanes. Maybe you were there for underage drinking or scoring or whatever. But if Mike wasn't on stage, he was right next you up front jumping and supporting whatever band playing at that moment.

Now Mike appears to be taking the most logical step of setting up a new label for those bands that the bigger local scene never fully picked up on.

This is Square Tire Music.

We're having a big party on the East Side of Los Angeles! It's for the launch of our record label, Square Tire Music. It's on MAY 16TH, 2009 at the CENTER FOR THE ARTS, in Eagle Rock. Come on out! Please embed this video on your websites, on your parent's websites, on your priest's, on your enemy's, and on your cat's websites. Please spread the word. Even if you can't make it out, you can show your support by hosting this promo. Thank you so much! -- Mike TV, Get Set Go

More details about the label at:
official press release for label launch
useless twitter account here

Square Tire Music Launch Party/Show with Get Set Go, New Maximum Donkey, the Power Cords, Secret Powers, and I Give Up @ Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock // first band 8pm $12


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