people I love more than anything

Life is too short. This is more for me than you, the unknown reader.

My Kids. For years I kept them out of this blog, out of my social life, save for a few trusted friends (who I love too). I am not a "daddyblogger" but I am a very, very proud dad. 


This Girl. I have 15 pictures of B sitting on the couch, none that she particularly liked but I love each and every one of them. I'm posting the blurry one of her kissing the cat, but trust me, she is beautiful.


I have this other great picture I wanted to post but I'm still keeping some things close to the heart.

There are more folks that will show up as future blog post subject matter. This is just a start.


  1.'s good to see (and cyber-meet) a little bit of your heart in your blog :)

  2. i'm with tracy up there.
    hearts on blogs are a good thing.


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