my early xmas wish this year

Nothing more cheerful than waking up and seeing 3 of your hubcaps missing off your tires. I drive a simple corolla so I'm not sure what the appeal or value my scratched hubcap would be worth to someone, but hey I live in a big city and park on the big city streets of Los Feliz. so yeah.

So as I drove off in my one hubcapped car I just happened to notice a single hubcap leaning up against a tree down the street. I pulled into a driveway to check and it was one of mine!  Confused, yet energized by this find I walked up and down my block hoping that these hubcap bandidos dumped them all in a rush to leave the scene.

Then I found another one a few houses down and traveled up another block expecting to be reunited with Sammy, my lost, cold and frighten hubcap.  "Sammy! Sammy!" I called out into the street, well truthfully just in my head but sadly I didn't find the last one.  Even worse I realized that one popped off on the drive home from work.

Typical, I thought.


  1. first of all...
    i love that this is considered an early christmas wish...
    early, indeed!
    i think mostly because back when i taught preschool there was a little boy named sammy who was sort of my surrogate child and the perfect description of him would be a well loved and coveted hubcap.

  2. I think it's quite odd that someone stole three of your hubcaps (not four, which might actually make sense) then apparently hid them all over Los Feliz for you to find like some twisted scavenger hunt. And that you actually found two of them, but then lost one on the drive home...

    Did you only name one of the hubcaps? What if the others get jealous?

  3. Phoenix,

    Sammy was the runt of the bunch. The other where doing just fine as hubcaps. Sammy was a special hubcap.


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