I'm totally obsessed with this building

This building I'm obsessed with is the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building that just opened in Dubai. I have as my desktop picture, I constantly show any new picture I find, and wishfully plan a trip to visit one day.

I've been on a few tall things in my life like the WTC Twin Towers (415 meters), The Empire State Building (381 meters), and even that Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas (350 meters) where I promptly chickened out on the ride that shoots you straight up another 160ft.

Anyhow the Burj Dubai is much taller than all those structures. By a lot:

Back from vacation I missed this video of the grand opening that took place on New Years. Oh this happened today (er yesterday our time) Here is the full 6 minute opening celebration/fireworks below. The long shot of the building exploding in fireworks would have been amazing to see in person. I especially love the blasts shooting out the very top from some sort of rotating cannon.

Click for the short, better quality 1 minute video of just the fireworks which I can't embed here. Totally worth the jump over to youtube.


  1. i'm totally freaked out by heights. the mere thought of taking an elevator to the top of this building makes me want to throw up.
    i will live vicariously through you when you go there. that will be more than enough for me.

  2. Um... is it just me or does that TOTALLY look like Saruman's tower from the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers movie?

    Or did I just completely out myself as a nerd on the blog of someone I've never met?

    (PS - found your blog through my girl Krista - lovely guest post on her blog, btw...)


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