Thrushes - Crystals

Band: Thrushes    facebook / myspace / website
Song: Crystals
Why: This is probably my favorite song of their latest album Night Falls in that sweet shoegazery-noisepop sound that I love so much.  Really, very few bands do this sound well and Thrushes is one of them.  According to the email this morning announcing this video it was mentioned that it was filmed during Baltimore's Snowpocalypse in February (not to be confused with Seattle's Snowpocalypse of course). I still wonder how people live in the snow for months at a time. It was probably 72 degrees in Los Angeles during that same period in February! Anyhow...

Thrushes: facebook / myspace / website
"Crystals" from the album "Night Falls" on Birdnote Records, 2010
Directed by Guy Werner
Shot & produced by Kevin Blackistone, Rob Hatch, Guy Werner
Edited by Guy Werner & Bennii Denrich


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