Dogzilla @ LA Street Food Fest

I know The LA Street Food Fest has been blogged about everywhere else and as of this morning the event is sold out save for the $70 VIP tickets.

My understanding is that the event planners reorganized the event to address the overcrowding cluster-fudge that occurred last time by moving to a larger area, pre-sale only tickets and limiting the total number of tickets sold.  Really with those changes and the original $ 45price for all you can sample/eat/drink this sounds like a winner for attendees this year.

Though I'm not going I thought should post this for my [redacted]'s [redacted] who will be there selling this Japanese hotdog hybrid : The Dogzilla.  It's featured in the first minute of this NBC4 clip/demonstration showing off all the types of food at the LA Street Food Fest.   If you're not going this weekend, The Dogzilla can be found at most Little Tokyo street festivals.

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  1. i have never even heard of the la street food fest. what the hell? that is right up my alley. (or street. or whatever the hell it may be.)


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