It's a trap

Unknown Reader you should know that I love BBQ chips.

I love the traditional flavors, the baked style, the cheap 99 cent store brand with the rubbing alcohol aftertaste. I love them all. If you have a bag of BBQ chip and I have a bag of BBQ chips and I have a hand and my hand reaches across the room and starts to eat your BBQ chips. I eat your BBQ chips! I eat the them up!

Anyhow I saw this new (to me) flavor of chips at the grocery store:

tastes like ketchup

Well let me tell you something about Lay’s® Tangy Carolina BBQ Chips:

It's a trap!

They taste like Ketchup to me which is not tangy or BBQ-y. Oddly many online reviews say it has mustard in the recipe plus vinegar too, but my first thought was the cheap Hunts ketchup, not Heinz, Hunts. Regardless it's a weird taste. All sorts of yucky.

Yet I still eat them. I have to because I love BBQ chips and I do what I say I'm going to do.


  1. they taste like ketchup? my daughter would probably love them.

  2. I'm...not sure how I feel about chips that taste like ketchup. But my boy is from New Jersey where ketchup is practically a food group so... it's worth a shot.


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