Blogger Prom is Back!

The second invite only Blogger Prom has been announced with a new venue and theme. I couldn't be more excited!

Los AngelesBlogger Prom 2010
Wednesday Sept 22nd
at Yamashiro Restaurant
Theme: Hollywood Confidential
 "..old-school glammy, glitzy charm (or classic down-and-dirty grit).."

This event is important to me.

I pre-volunteered months ago at the first mention of Blogger Prom 2010 to correct my biggest mistake, not talking and meeting enough people at last year's prom. I realized that to be part of something I needed to take a part in something in a meaningful way. I want to be considered a blogger, a writer if I'm feeling nasty and those things require me to write not just in my notebooks offline and not without the real interaction of other bloggers. To be surrounded by the writers of words that make me laugh, smile, cry and even to buy and try new things is the true beauty of blogging events like this.

So yeah I'm blogging again. This 3 month break was desperately needed.

My break was due to many reasons: mostly for myself, a little out of respect for others, an attempt to make things better. I'm still aiming for that balance of me the blogger and me the person IRL.

This blog has evolved since I started here in 2004 and it has changed along with me. It will continue to do so even when blogs are not called blogs anymore, when my eyes remain blinded by the sunshine I crave, when thinking about tomorrow won't change how I feel today.

Right now all I can do is thank you, the unknown reader, for continuing to stop by.

Anyways I always knew I'd be back here again - I never hesitated for even a second to renewed my domain name in the middle of that indefinite break.

So last year at Blogger Prom...
The food was great, the view from the rooftop of the Hotel Andaz on the Sunset Strip was sparkly,

Andaz West Hollywood rooftop pan

The 80s music and prom attire was simply fun (post about where I bought my suit).

And my date was the most beautiful and amazing person to spend every minute with. That will be the one part I will remember the most. 

Huell visits Yamashiro intro (vid link)

photo used under creative commons: Los Angeles by cowlemon,


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