It's October - yay!

I wasn't going to a post anything today but then I realized it was October. Fucking October!!!

And I'm in love
with this band Mahogany.

Song: Neo-Plastic Boogie-Woogie (video link)

The slight chill of October (well the random chilly days of late September - it has to get colder at some point in this month, right?) air has brought out the useless scarfs in LA, the socks for morning walks across the kitchen tile and thoughts about what I won't be dress up as for Halloween. Oh and it's my birthday month so that's something.

Every year I say that this is the best month ever and every year it makes landfall as a normal shower of highs and lows. This October might possibly be the one that changes the pattern.

21 days and I'm a little older.
26 days and the rare one touches down at LAX.

I'm hoping to do a post a day.


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