WTF but I love the song

Band: The Moonbabies
Song: Take Me to the Ballroom (vid link)
Why: I've watched this video a thousands times and I still don't get it.

hmm old lady kissing young lady. band plays blind folded. girl talking to boy toy. woman sends man to tell girl something. girl drops glass. girl walks onto dance floor. the crowd stops dancing woman takes off ring. man cuts off a strand of hair from the girl. strand placed in liquid which turns black. I think about how tasha yar dies on STNG by armus. tasha comes back as a half romulan - long story - has nothing to do with this video. woman drinks hair oil. woman sensually touches girls face and goes in for a kiss. woman passes out. girl is happy. boy toy puts ring on girl's hand. fade to black. WTF.


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