This weekend was busy with a trip to my industry's biggest convention of the year taking the entire 5 halls of the Anaheim Conv Center. Here the manufacturers, suppliers and buyers come to intermingle and find all those yummy products you love to buy at Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

Over the 8+ years of attending the show I've seen less of the Hippie/Venice Beach characters, now replaced with business suits with worldwide ingredient and financial connections. That might sound boring, yet this makes the industry change for the better in quality and safety.

But at least there still was free ear candling or coning available, so not everything old has disappeared.

Ear Candling or Coning

Most of the show has moved towards the functional food arena so it was hard not to essentially eat your way through each hall. Soy based food. I ate some. Gluten free fake tacos - I ate it. Tea vendors, tofu based lasagna, raw food snacks, and water blessed with some ancient alien-mayan sacrifice? Yeah I devoured samples of all that.

Sadly my batteries in my camera died before getting through the first hall so the only picture left is this cool folk artist some company brought in to decorate their booth. I so wanted to buy a painting of his.

At least I had fake tacos.



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