I'm not surprised that the Jonas Brother movie tanked

On Oscar night I was walking through Disney's California Adventure when I saw an official Disney cast member escorting a young couple with a fierce don't fuck with me attitude. That's the attitude you see when minor celebrities visit the park as they are escorted pass all the lines and through the crowds.

The last celeb I saw escorted was Kirstie Alley during the height of the Jenny Craig commercials. Now I understand that the guard is to stop people from hassling these "celebrities" when they just want a day of fun with their kids, but I've also heard of some low hanging celebs stand in line with us dirty unwashed - maybe so low level not the average person would know them.

Anyhow on Oscar day I saw a JO-Bro being escorted along with blond girl. In shorts and a white t-shirt he looked like any high school kid out playing basketball. Very low key and surprising not all that fit - a little pimple-y even.

I turned to my 12 year old daughter, "Hey I think that was a Jonas Brother." She took a second look to the passing couple and shrugged, "Oh yeah, I think it was Nick." (or Kevin, Joe...I don't remember nor am I an 8 year old preteen).

"Cool! You can tell your friends at school."

"Yeah I don't think I will actually."

 I could not have been more proud.

A few seconds later we came across "PUSH" the remote control talking trash can and the large crowd surrounding him/it.

Now this was something trashy the general public could get behind!


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