green shirt, red shirt

Yesterday I wore red t-shirt to work and B asked what would happen if someone tried to pinch me for St. Patrick's Day.

"I'll fucking punch them," I gleefully replied.

"Even me?"

"Well everyone but the love of my life of course." Pleased with the exception she tilted forward on tippie toes to kiss my cheek.

My red t-shirt was an old shirt I didn't mind getting dirty moving our department from one side of the building to the other that day; I was not really dressing to impress.

Walking past with an arm full of files a group of green shirt QC folks patted themselves proud for following through on holiday tradition. Instead of an offer to help I heard: "Look! Robert didn't wear green; we should pinch him!"

"I'll punch you," I yelled back.

Ha ha, oh that's so silly laughs gurgled from the group as I continued down the hallway with my stuff.

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