B does an online crossword puzzle

B: 80s TV series with a talking car named KITT?

Me: You seriously need to ask me this?

B: Yes, I was born in the 80s (1982 to be fair) but I really don't remember much about them.

Me: Ok I'll give you a hint: Hasselhoff

B:   ...

Me:  Not Baywatch.

B starts typing: M

Me:  M ?!?!?

She laughs as the letter turns red in the online crossword.

B: Ok not Miami Vice.

I'm barely containing my laughter at this point.
Me: Oh my god I love you, but this is so becoming a blog post. I'm sorry.

B: David Hasselhoff wasn't on Miami Vice was he?

Me: Um no.

B: Oh that was Tom Selleck.

I can't stop giggling throughout this whole conversation 

Me: Oh my god that wasn't Tom Selleck in Miami Vice!


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