sushi dollar challenge

A few weekends ago we took a four block walk down to the local library which just happened to be across the street from a little Japanese restaurant that we wanted to try out.

We ordered a few mexi-cokes, some mini California and Avocado Rolls, a side dish of edamame and teriyaki chicken bowls for the kids.

"So are you going to have a California Roll?" I asked my youngest.
"No." He might as well said Whatcha talkin' about Willis. "I"m just having the chicken."
"But it's so good!"
"Wait, have I eaten one before?"
"Um...yeah you said you loved it last time." This was complete lie.
"Ok." Pause. "Wait! No I didn't!"
"Fine. I'll give you a dollar if you eat one California Roll".
"Yes. A dollar!" He swiftly turns to his sister. "I'm getting a dollar, you're not!"
She just rolled her eyes in return.

So we took our mexi-cokes and sushi down the block to the little wooden tables outside the library


My son watch closely as I pulled a mini roll out and dipped it gently into soy sauce. "Here, just pop the whole roll into your mouth."


And this was his reaction:


Yes I plan to show the photo above to all his future girlfriends.


The cute thing is that he made sure we took a picture of him holding his hard earn dollar when we got back home.  I sense the makings of a future blogger right there.


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