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I drove a brand new 2010 Prius last night - the first time I ever drove a real hybrid. My previous experience with an alternative-powered "green" vehicle was pedaling this baby around:

As for the Prius, the ride was sweet but have to say it's hella weird when the motor turns off at intersections (so quiet!). Sadly this wasn't my car to keep.

...Well not so sad as my GF bought it, I just won't be able to drive it much.  Am I envious? No, she was raised by savers to be a saver and this is her reward for doing so and besides her old jetta was costing more in repairs than it was worth.

Fortunately I have my car which I have to thank my family for their help obtaining it...It wasn't all that long ago when I lived a negative lifestyle with daily meals that alternated between spaghetti and ground beef bought at the value size price. My hard work at my old shitty job paid off when I landed my current gig and now I enjoy little things like vegetables, clothes, health insurance and the ability to buy a new pair of glasses since 2002.

So I went with funky Converse brand frames from Costco ($60!). Not the exact style or color (yellow interior) but close.

It's a change but what isn't these days?


  1. NEW PRIUS!!!
    oh, how i covet...
    isn't it strange how vegetables are so damn expensive? i keep trying to grow my own but i'm not the best gardener in the world.

  2. I'm jealous that you have enough light & ground to even try growing yor own. My apt is like a cave, which is great for the summer, not so much for sustaining plant life.


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