yeah, so Sonia

I wasn't expecting Sonia's latest blog post to conclude in the way it did despite her first ominous sentence:

Yeah, so, I found a lump.

I'm so terribly optimistic to a fault that it didn't occur to me that her lump would be anything but as a run of the mill cyst. She's so cool and funny, so sweet and beautiful, but I have to be honest here: Sonia is sadly a bit boring when to comes to major illnesses. In fact I can't recall her being even bother by the common flu...Hell, she's so boring her white cell reaction can lull even Malaria into dormancy.

You see, Sonia is someone who makes not being serious in serious situations an art form as her post demonstrates with this snippet of conversation with her doctor about the ultrasound:

Two weeks later at the ultrasound, I asked the tech for a print out of my lump: “I don’t have any kids. It sure would be nice if I could have a print out of my lump to show people.” The tech politely laughed … She never did give me a print out.

Unfortunately her post did not end as I expected and I my distant well wishes and thoughts of support go out to her. (I'm frustrated that this is all I can do).

Please jump over to The Sonia Show if you have the time as she has been given as optimistic of a diagnosis as one could hope for due to the type of cancer and catching it so early.

This girl is funny and a great person, so please go over and say hi to my friend Sonia.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    My rusty can and I thank you for your waaaay too kind words, Robert!

  2. cancer sucks. the end.


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