the weekend was smoky (duh)

As we all know by now the air quality blows and as the Station Fires burn nearby my weekend was all about watching movies with the air conditioning on 24/7.

This was early Saturday taken from the Glendale Galleria parking garage @ 5 miles from my place. It looked quite ominous on this morning and the cloud of smoke only grew bigger from this point on.  Thankfully without the winds the fire went straight up which made the air quality only moderately bad vs. scary bad.

Besides movies we also wasted time indoors making our own pizza dough. This one isn't mine as I actually like pizza that doesn't give me a complex before eating it.

We had imagined desserts on Planet Sprinkle.

Come Sunday afternoon we had left the apartment only once for Target - cabin fever was starting to spread so we went to the only place that can cure all ills:

It was only for a few hours but yeah, it did help a lot with our sanity.


  1. that picture of the smoke is so eerily beautiful.
    and you went to target AND disneyland???
    that, my friend, is a weekend many only dream of.


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