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With my old laptop sitting on the piano bench across from me, the screen cracked rendering it to a unusable state, I am refreshingly liberated from my music collection. Eventually I will import most of it over but just without many songs/bands that once made up soundtracks to my past life - I'm all about moving forward these days.

Yet revisiting the past can be a good thing sometimes.

Recently I noticed Ferraby Lionheart played a couple nights in LA after a long absence from performing in this city. In Nashville finishing a new album with a early 2010 release, his return triggered a rediscover of his 2007 album Catch the Brass Ring that was buried deep in my music collection. I downloaded the tracks again last week as I came out of a fog, just in time for my life to un-spiral again.

Though this song off his first album might be from the past technically, for me this a new soundtrack. I'm not sure how far under the radar Ferraby is, especially outside of Los Angeles, that I hope his new album on the way creates paths to new ears in this country.

New shows every Tuesday in February 2010!
FEB 2 - LOS ANGELES, CA - Bootleg Theater
FEB 9 - LOS ANGELES, CA - Bootleg Theater
FEB 16 - LOS ANGELES, CA -Bootleg Theater
FEB 23 - LOS ANGELES, CA - Bootleg Theater

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