We said eff it on Monday and opened our Christmas present early, some gifts freshly wrapped and some just purchased an hour before.

This is my favorite gift from B. She found it off some random website and the actual item shipped directly from China or Korea. I love my robot clock with hand clips for important notes - though my co worker referred to them as roach clips.

robot clock

Part of the reason for unwrapping so early is that we'll be at LAX on Christmas morning flying to this place (my first time).

The interesting thing is though B has been to DisneyWorld a bunch of times  [being from Michigan and all - did you know that there are airlines with 70% of their flights go only to either Florida or Hawaii from the Midwest during winter?], I'm a little more up to date on recent, small and random changes to the park from all the Disney blogs I read.  Yes I'm a bit of a Disney parks nerd (compared to the Disney movie or character specific nerd) and I love the business side of the resorts.

Big thank you my future In-laws for use of their airline miles and timeshare _ I'm looking forward to hanging gout with them in next week.  (Hi Barb!). 

B will be an excellent guide as I don't know what to fully expect but I am looking to ride this ten times:


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