Monday photos from Griffith Observatory

Monday was spent at the plant in Santa Fe Springs dealing with our ERP system for work. On the phone was the head programmer in India controlling the mouse and windows projected onto the wall from oceans away.

The rain was pouring here as much as anywhere else in the greater Los Angeles region and it would've been the same at my office south of Beverly Hills. The rain the internet, "the cloud" is all the same these days even for the vitamin company I work for; there was no reason that I couldn't be at my desk watching this and not 25 miles away.

Not that I was complaining since I got home early enough to see the rain blink long enough for the sun to set. My go to place for these moments is the Griffith Observatory, mostly because I live a mile down the hill. It was wonderfully empty and wet.

P1020566 Stitch



The view left to right: Downtown Los Angeles, Mid City, Hollywood, Century City, with the pacific Ocean in the background (Not the best stitching or photos)
P1020542 Stitch

I wanted to get pictures of the snow powdered mountains but the cloud hung tight to the hills. I should have some from the patio at work tomorrow.


  1. damnit..i need to get to griffith park more often. i haven't even been to the observatory since it opened. bad me.

  2. Those are beautiful shots!


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