I'm taking a break. Officially
I'll be back in a couple of days.

Oh since I can't make it to NYC and this band won't drive out to Los Angeles, you folks in Colorado might want to check out .

By folks I mean Bird and Munpe Q

will be playing the South Park Music Festival on Saturday, September 9th along with the following bands:

The Queers (Lookout!), Margot & the Nuclear So & So's (V2/Artemis),
Slim Cessna's Auto Club (Feat Jello Biafra), The Thieves UK (Century Media), VAUX (Outlook Music), The Motet (Spin Records), Steve Poltz (98 Pounder), Hot IQs (spinART/Morning After), Scott H Biram (Bloodshot), Photo Atlas (Stolen Transmission), Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots (Alternative Tentacles), Born in the Flood (Morning After),The Railbenders (Whiskey Road), Those Young Lions (Affirmation Records), Angie Stevens, Otis Gibbs, Cameron McGill, Ladell Mclin, Matt Hopper

Tonight in Los Angeles:
Madame Sunsets Burlesque & Rock 'n' Roll @ the Cat Club

Starring Madame Sunsets Hollywood Kittens and Special Guest Troupe Sultry Savage Burlesque
Music by: Runon Fragment, ROB Z & MIKE SCHNEE , The Elegant Bastards, AFTER, Chinese Sister and more.


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