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Mild migraines - much worse than my normal headaches

On another note...

A few months ago a friend asked if I was dating someone.

"I never see you with anyone. And I know for a fact you're not gay."

I answered her with a positive chuckle wrapped negative response. She brought up the internet dating option and spoke of how truth was a flexible concept when it came profiles and the actual person.

Everybody lies on the Internets I said.

She wanted to know why I wasn't dating and I told her what I've always known: What little time and energy I have right now needs to be spent on becoming the person I'll be happy with. (I won't bore you with the details, but basically I'm retarded.)

She leaned into me physically with more questions and I could feel her breasts resting on my chest as lips spoke near my cheek. The brick wall held me in position as we talked ear to ear, the scent of freshly chewed gum finishing her sentences.

This wasn't flirting. This was just talking over loud music.

I confessed that my time was spent working, driving, sleeping and writing '...not very well mind you', but it made me happy. Better I felt.

What I was leaving out was how comforting it felt telling my lies.


  1. Ha! I can't win with you. Have you notice the lack of food references?

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Yeah I miss them.



    (but if you bring them back I will still make fun of you for them)

    ((I adore the post after/before* this one))

    *wait how do you say that?
    It's physically before but chronologically after


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