Where have I been?

sunset junction 2006 sat 1pm

Sleeping off a cold this week leads to a boring me. I think the 12+ hours spent at Sunset Junction last weekend is what really did me in with the sun, dealing with the crowds, all whilst nursing a slight hangover from Friday night.

Bands watched:
Present Tense, Powercords, Monsters are Waiting, Lavender Diamond, The Eels, Bang Sugar Bang, Pu$y Cow, and ending with my first viewing of the band Cake Cutter.

Bands enjoyed from afar :
Great northern, the little ones, and a bunch of DJs

A quick review :
lavender diamondCorey and I think Monsters Are Waiting get a little weirder each time we see them. This show I noticed longer warped intros to all the songs, other than that they were great.

Lavender Diamond had a cutesy singer with a matching cutesy folk rock sound. They're opening for The Decemberists for some October shows which I would consider a good match. Will check them out agian.

The Eels were pretty cool - this losanjealous.com review sums them up perfectly.

cakecutter On the Kiss or Kill stage at El Cid, Cakecutter were just crazy fun on many levels.

From their site:
    What do you get when you take a slammin' dual-drumming rhythm section that works like a tightly-knit machine with thunderous bass tone, add a flamboyant, drooling crossdressing guitarist that shreds to the bone and throw in a spazmatic, charismatic and melodic female frontman who rocks all over the stage like a Ritalin kid on a severe sugar high?"
Cakecutter has a song called "Fly" that is used in the movie "Jackass: Number Two" and can be also found on the soundtrack. I mentioned this as an explanation as to why Steve-O jumped on stage before their set and instantly cleared out the room. The night then finished with Chris Pontius's band made up of some friends, wiht most of Cakecutter backing them up.

I don't have an ending to this but other stuff happened that I'll write about.

Things like strange conversations I eavesdropped on in McDonalds
Things like being pointed out and wanting to be anywhere other then steps I stood on.
Things like...


  1. that last title is funny.

    yeah people who *don't know me* can think whatever they want; pointing is just rude - especially when one does it front of me.

    point behind my back all you want though.


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