this week I might go out

All free ('cause I'm cheap) except for Friday.

Monday: Thinking about seeing Lavender Diamond at the Mountian Bar in Chinatown. Has anyone been to this place yet? Hmm maybe a cheap night at Little Cave instead? Anyone?


Rob Z with Izzy Cox, Vera & Jane (ex Ze Auto Parts), and the amazing (so says Corey) Jessie Deluxe (acoustic)

Wednesday: take over the world


3rd Thursdays @ Hollywood & Highland (@Virgin Megastore)
The Oohlas, (? pm), Monsters are Waiting> (@9pm), Irving (?pm)
This is a definite for me

Friday: Kiss or Kill (5 bucks**)
The Power Cords 9:30-10:00, The Randies 10:15-10:45 (tour kick off), Overnight Lows 11:00-11:30, Pu$$y Cow 11:45-12:15, Cakecutter 12:30---

**All proceeds from this show will go to help replace CakeCutter's Gaby Godheads guitars (which were stolen at the Sunset Junction show) - Minimum $5 donation

Special Guest DJ - Keith Morris (of circle jerks).
I'm sure I'll enjoy him during my walk from the patio to the bathroom. whatever.


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