The Ususal Suspects: I hate Mondays

'cause of too many free choices in LA.

I'm half surprise as you are that I am writing again. Often I have some drama related cause to my little blogging breaks, yet I can't really pinpoint the cause for this last one. Ok I have some ideas that I'll talk about later. Just saying I'm back if that matters.

So saddle up and sidle on down to today's late edition of TUS.

Kiss or Kill presents
The Randies / Porterville @ The Key Club
It's Metal Skool so rsvp at the usual places to get in for free.

I'm torn between that and The Softlightes @ Spaceland - Free every Monday in November

Waste time at the Viper for IO Perry and The Pity Party, free with rsvp

Casxio @ Silverlake Lounge every monday in November
tonight with Voxhaul Broadcast who I have yet to see but ooh I liked what I heard on myspace, also King Elementary

Anarchy in Hollywood night is now over at the Scene in Glendale (sure, why not?) with Beatmo at 9.30ish, Phantom .357, My Attitude, and Marie Catastrophe

Oh down in the OC:
Airborne Toxic Event with Cavil at Rest @ The Detroit Bar free?


  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I think you should go see the Softlightes. They're amazing live.

  2. Oh but I have seen them before!

    Porterville doesn't play that often but it is on the Strip...I hate the strip. Yet I can see the softlightes all month just down the street but I hate Spaceland.



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