oh no he didn't

Oh yes I did.

Illustration 1:
I'm in Checkout Line 3. Products have started to be scanned and one additional cart with @35 items stands between me and my turn. I have 7 items.

Express Line 2 is closed. Express Lane 1 is open with at least 10 customers.

totally unnecessary illustration 1

Illustration 2:
My eyes follow a new checker weave through the checkout stands to pull the next customer in the Express Lane 2. He walks around to his station as the chosen one moves her cart over to Express Lane 2 (A).

No one follows. I have time to follow the previous rearrangement, look at the items on the belt, items waiting to leave the cart in front of me, and still have a moment to calculate what, if any, time to be saved. No bodies follow the first to the new line.

I make my move (B) and only then does the third person in Express Lane 1 locks eyes with me in a challenge of iron wagons (C). Three steps ahead and she didn't stand a chance; I was visualizing my placement before her wheels even started to creak over.

totally unnecessary illustration [2] of customer movement

My defeat foe stood behind burning holes into my neck. I smiled in return, placing each item individually on the belt not sure if she felt annoyed due to her secondary position behind the chosen one and that implied entitlement or merely thought I had broken the 15 items or less rule with my deft lane change. Thing is the cashier only cares about the one he picks out and I learned long ago that making the move wouldn't necessarily mean it would be faster than remaining put, but shit lady, it's a dog eat dog world out there and I clearly made it in line before you Slowly McSlowerson.

I was a man with a goal. Deal with my dust.


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