it smells like a mid life crisis

Somehow things just work out.

I have come to accomplish the goals in my life simply by the natural course of how things played out. Now I've come to realized that one cannot participate in life with out putting a little effort into it. Often I think that fate and dumb luck has play a bigger role in the past for me as I merrily merrily floated down the stream.

Now as I transition into the second and final part of life (avg life expectancy + turning 35 = the slow end) I've decided that I need to grab life's little neck and wring it for all it's worth before it's all too late.

You see I have now created a to do list to realize my goals:

1) find out what shit I need to get together
2) get a hair cut
3) get my shit together
4) keep my shit together
5) kiss my (yes, younger) girlfriend on new year's evemy
6) Go to Naples, Italy in the next three years now that little sister will be transferring for the navy band next June. Or just go anywhere in Europe.
7) eat more fiber

It's a work in progress so cut me a little slack as I know some of you have been been doing this since you were 12.
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  1. dude, way to depress me with this whole business of life expectancy. now i am feeling like i need to make a list!

    it will include kissing and getting a haircut as well.



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