pre trip rambling

I've fallen in love with music again and this week's timing couldn't have been better.

It's possible I've missed a few shows that where set in stone, encased in concrete, carved into flesh that I was to attend. Monday night wasn't any different - a headache - a worry - an early bed time for my old self.

Though this blog was somewhat neglected it didn't mean I wasn't doing my regular Kiss or Kill on Wednesdays or checking out the previous Monday line ups. Just enough show smiles to get me through the week: Hearts of Palm UK a few weeks back at the Echo with Castledoor, the Go Team! at Amoeba. Just enough.

I've been distracted the last month or two: B has been a positive change and her recent visit a major highlight. A close friend inserted a big negative for a short period but that was dealt with offline mostly save for the colorful blog comments here. T threw in a little, but far ominous dig one night. And $ is always an issue. These are deeper distractions / stories I'm not going to get into other the random fake LJ posts.

My life is ruled by initials lately apparently.

Maybe my distractions kept from learning earlier than Monday morning that my favorite artist is having a show the day I get back from the Bay Area. As far as I know it's been a three month absence from from shows (nearly as long updating the band's myspace) it's hard not to be concerned that something bad happen to someone I don't even know.

But maybe one simply needs a break sometimes.
Welcome back.

Deep Sea Diver (Jessica Dobson) @ The Prospector - Long Beach
Saturday Nov. 10th - 10 pm set time sharp - $5
with Greater California, Or, the Whale


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