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Halloween @ Kiss or Kill with photos.

I didn't dress up this year citing funds allocated for Becky's visit mixed with plain old laziness. My friend Kevin managed to slap to get a convincing Starbucks barista outfit for less than five bucks in five minutes that placed me at five times as lazy.

My cheap ass suckage indeed.

What I wore didn't matter to the dressed crowd that had started drinking early and focused on ways to receive attention from the other disguised patrons on the patio. I easily slipped unnoticed through the crowd like wait staff until on group of non-regulars sarcastically heckled "Nice costume!" onto me.

Stupid fuckers.

Sometimes I have nothing to show in defense when it come to clothing as it is a bit of luxury beyond simple jeans and interchangeable t shirts except tonight I possessed the color matching drink ticket of weeks past so I raised my free bottle to their mirthful, self congratulatory wit and went inside.

The Invisible Humans had already started their set; I dawdled having seen them before on an off night for me so my impression of them was on the blah side (good music - I was just too tired to care).

This was not the band I saw tonight: Entered to see them completely dressed in full skeleton suits, the room lights off with the only illumination from tiny lights on their masks and necks of their instruments. This Halloween getup just worked so well their electro rock that could make plain dick and jane lust after pale skin and blood red lips. I was impressed and afterwards one cute girl whispered to me the levels of intrigued she had hit right off stage - That set did it for her.

Ah the appeal of rock n roll.

Later on while waiting to use the restroom, the hecklers from before were locked inside the men's room touching themselves. Well I heard belts unbuckling, sniffing, and other not common bathroom noises, so ok, maybe they were just doing drugs. Three more minutes pass after I initially tried the handle, the door unlocks to see them doing something still with their clothes and hands, and paper, and that might be money which swirls quickly between each other. They look happy. The main heckler notices me awaiting their exit.

"Oh you've been waiting this whole time?"

Blankly blink a couple times. 'Asshole' I think to their backs.

Underwater City People played to a good drunken crowd of old fans and new folks next. Near the end they announced that it was a couple songs before the end when Thriller starts to play on the speakers prompting them to line up and reenact the whole dance routine. [insert picture here].

As for the other bands that night, Bang Sugar Bang played mostly KISS songs for their set and P-Cow inserted their version of Ministry's Everyday is Halloween into theirs.

Noticed this one girl who's path I've crossed from downtown bars to EP and Silver Lake and explained to Ash that we used to often give each other trying to place you looks until I (and her I presume) realized that this familiarity is only from crossing paths and not having any personal connection. Sort of a step below 'oh I read your blog' recognition to 'oh we just go to the same joints with zero friend cross pollination.'

No value to it.

Finished my second and last beer by the time P-Cow finished so back to the patio to flutter between friends, listening on, not participating, and not taking anything away for a bit. Friends attempted slight of hand tricks and bad foreign accents until we were kicked out at 2.40 and I escorted my friend in heels up the steep alley in the back.

She bitched the whole way.

This week @ Kiss or Kill: The Black Comets,
The Power Cords,
Service Group, and another band TBD


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