Calamity Magnet

Calamity Magnet EP Release Show
@ The Viper Room, Monday 4.14.08

I've been a big fan of Sara Radle and her various musical line-ups (Lucy Loves Schroeder, Sara Radle and Her Band, and her current gig as part of the reformed Rentals) for a few years now. Now that my workload has settled down enough to go out on a Monday night, I'm a bit excited to catch her new project Calamity Magnet.

This new band borrows a couple members of Justin Reiner's (popbandAlice) Loverlee project to create a melding of "the world of indie-pop with girl group harmonies of the sixties, adding a hint of country flavor and the occasional peek at a Beatles influence." (myspace bio)

Calamity Magnet EP Release
Indie 103.1 Check One... Two presents @ Viper Room
Free w/ rsvp (or $10), $3 dewars, 21+

Mike Krum @ 9pm, Let’s Go Sailing @ 10pm,
Calamity Magnet @ 11:00pm, The Happy Casualties @ 12am


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